5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat for Your Home in Augusta, GA

Smart thermostats can help you lower utility bills by establishing zones in the home for various cooling needs. More residential owners are making the switch to smart thermostats for this reason and to have better control over HVAC timing activation. Here are five benefits of using a smart thermostat in Augusta, GA home.

1. Good for Your Finances

Potentially the biggest reason for upgrading to a smart thermostat is the savings to your energy costs. A smart thermostat makes scheduling your HVAC to run less while the home is empty a simple prospect.

You can set your thermostat to cool or warm your home right before family members should be arriving. By letting the house stay warm during the hours when nobody is there, you can save between 15%-25% according to various manufacturers.

Given how hot summers can get in Augusta, cooling costs can be very costly. On average, during its hottest month, Augusta, GA, is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A smart thermostat can make a significant dent in the overall costs for keeping a home at a comfortable living temperature when family members are there to appreciate it; simply customize a schedule that fits your routine for optimal results.

2. Good for the Environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by only using your HVAC system when it is required. Smart thermostats learn temperature preferences and guide your household into becoming more energy-efficient. Households that run their cooling constantly, even when nobody is present to enjoy the effect, release more carbon emissions and have a negative impact on the environment.

Smart thermostats can also help detect problems more quickly, such as coolant leaks. This is accomplished by allowing you to more easily monitor your energy usage. When problems with your air conditioning system occur, we can help.

3. Save Time

Automation adds up to convenience as well as financial benefits. No longer do you have to face the choice of either running the air constantly in an empty home or coming home to a stifling hot environment. You do not have to fuss with complicated settings with a smart thermostat, either.

Manual dials are a thing of the past with the intelligence of smart thermostats. These devices are easy to control, intuitive in design, and effective in climate control. Save time with an effective design that does the thinking for you.

Some models of smart thermostats can even detect room occupancy and make adjustments to the temperature accordingly. Another time-saving feature, this means still less fidgeting with a thermostat to bring rooms to a desirable temperature when people are occupying them.

4. Can Be Remotely Controlled

If you are going away for a weekend or longer, one of the things that are easy to miss is setting the thermostat appropriately to not waste money on cooling. Unlike fears about leaving the stove on, smart thermostats make it easy to double-check and correct any oversights.

By using a tablet or smartphone to remotely control your HVAC, you can easily make adjustments when circumstances change. Staying late at work when nobody else is due to be home? Simply adjust the time, from a distance, when the cooling will turn on to avoid wasted energy use.

5. Reliable Precision

Smart thermostats can set up a home into zones, which can then be adjusted so that sections of the home are set to different temperatures at different times. For example, you can cool bedrooms only at night when they will be in use.

Smart thermostats boast precision to maintain precise temperatures that are ideal for your needs. According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, regular manual thermostats can have up to a five-degree variance in the temperature they are set to; smart thermostats cut that variance down to half a degree.

We offer a variety of HVAC services to suit your cooling needs. Contact Doc Savage Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today for HVAC services and to stay cool with lowered costs.

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