Refer-A-Friend & Earn Cash

It seems that everyone is talking about Stimulus Plans these days, but how would you like to STIMULATE YOUR WALLET?

Just follow these three (3) simple steps:

  1. Think of the people you know who would benefit from having an energy efficient heating or air conditioning unit in their home or business.
  2. Print out and complete the referral form.
  3. Return your completed form to the address below.
Doc Savage Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc., 2530 Ivey Road, Augusta, GA 30906

Your check for $50 will be mailed to you within 10 days after the unit is installed in the home or business of the person you referred!

It’s that easy! Refer 2 people who install systems and receive $100! Refer 5 people who install systems and $250 could be yours! There is no time limit or quantity limit on this offer.

Family members, friends, and business associates will appreciate knowing that you are concerned about their well being. They will also appreciate you for putting them in touch with the latest energy efficient experts and get them the best equipment on the market.

So take the 2nd step toward $50 TODAY!

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