The How and Why of Air Duct Sealing in Martinez, SC

Air duct sealing improves heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses throughout Aiken, SC. If you don’t understand why duct sealing is beneficial, this guide can help. It breaks down the process and the advantages.

Understanding the Process

As a duct ages, some of its materials will break down and leak. Because ducts are a professional-grade metal or material, you can’t effectively repair holes and cracks with regular duct tape.

Duct sealing is the solution; however, it’s a job for a professional since the repairs required is completed in phases. An inspection is the first step. It involves pinpointing loose connections, holes and cracks.

The second step is to seal all vulnerable spots on the ducts. This task requires proper tools and professional-grade materials. We provide both of these services during a duct sealing job.

Air Duct Sealing Reduces Energy Costs

If you continue to run your air conditioning system while there are holes in the ductwork, you’ll lose nearly 30% of the air before it reaches key areas in your home. Most of the air will escape through the duct’s holes and cracks, which is a problem because wasted air leads to longer cycles and higher energy costs. After we seal your ducts, your monthly heating and cooling bill will drop because the air conditioning system will be more efficient.

Air Duct Sealing Increases Comfort

When a duct has a leak, some spaces in your home will feel hotter or cooler than others. This type of temperature inconsistency occurs when air currents seep out of the ducts before they have a chance to reach specific zones. Typically, all rooms that are closer to the main AC unit will receive the most air, and the spaces that are far away will get less air or no air.

These problems can create cold and hot spots. To eliminate them, you must seal all cracks to boost air circulation in the ducts.

Better Air Quality

Besides a decreased airflow, one leak can also lower the air quality in a home. The air in a home slowly becomes contaminated when the outside air mixes with the air that’s distributed through the ducts. If the outside air has pet dander, pollen and dust, this air will trigger allergy symptoms if the contaminants bypass the air conditioner’s filtration system.

Because airborne contaminants are microscopic, they can easily invade the smallest openings in the ductwork. To maintain clean air throughout the year, always seal any holes or cracks that you discover in the ducts. If you’re unable to perform an inspection, use your senses to monitor the air quality. Typically, when the air isn’t clean, many people will sneeze often during cooling or heating cycles, and you’ll see contaminants floating in the air in areas where sunlight is entering your home through a window.

Reduced Energy Bill

A new air conditioning system uses less energy because it has the ability to distribute air without any difficulties. When there are holes in the ductwork, an HVAC system works much harder to reach the temperature on a thermostat, and this increases the monthly energy costs.

Maintenance Perks

Every air conditioning system has an evaporator coil that slowly generates moisture. When an AC system is running while a duct has holes, dirt and dust will invade the infrastructure, and over time, these particulates will reach the coil.

If a heavy layer of particulates builds up on a very moisture coil, microbes will invade the ducts. If we seal the ducts, particulates will never have opportunities to attract microbes on a damp evaporator coil.

If you need duct repairs or cleaning, contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning today. We optimize ducts for residential and commercial HVAC systems.

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