4 Ways to Prep Your Commercial HVAC System for Fall in Martinez, GA

Your commercial HVAC system is just as important as your home’s HVAC system. During the fall, the weather gets chilly but there are still warm days, so you need your commercial HVAC running well. There are many reasons to schedule professional maintenance for your commercial HVAC system. Following is a description of what is included in a professional tune-up and why these steps are so important to ensure the efficiency and safety of your commercial HVAC system in Martinez, GA.

1. Check Heat-Specific Parts

The EPA recommends checking all heating-specific parts of your commercial HVAC. The heating-specific processes and parts include gas pressure, gas or oil connections, heat exchanger and burner combustion. Issues with heating-specific sections can be dangerous.

Connections that aren’t in working order can be a fire hazard. A fire hazard can cause safety and health issues for the entire building. Your technician will make sure that there are no cracks in the exchanger and the burner is clean.

2. Have Annual Maintenance

HVAC systems are complex and require regular maintenance to keep the moving parts running smoothly. Your Commercial HVAC needs a minimum of one or two maintenance sessions. During spring, the cooling needs maintenance, and during fall, the heating needs maintenance.

By getting commercial HVAC maintenance in the fall, professionals can catch small problems before they become big issues. A common checklist when maintaining an HVAC system involves lubricating the moving parts and checking the air pressure from vents. Other areas professionals will check include thermostat settings, controls and electrical connections.

3. Investigate Smells and Sounds

Commercial HVAC systems may have odd smells and strange noises now and then. An HVAC that’s making weird sounds or smells could be a serious issue. There are many reasons smells and sounds happen with an HVAC. Regular maintenance allows a professional to determine the source of the sound or smell and correct it.

4. Check Ducts

While replacing air filters, a technician will check the ducts for leaks and debris buildup. Other parts to check include the fan, safety controls and blower motor. Keeping debris from critical parts such as the ignition system, blower assembly and evaporator coil.

An easy way you can help prep your commercial HVAC system is to check and replace the air filters every three months. During the winter, your air filters may need replacing more often because fresh air doesn’t enter as often. If you or another business owner need an HVAC system inspection in Martinez, GA, call Doc Savage to schedule an appointment.

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