Arctic is Melting Due to Climate Change

Do you remember how the globe portrayed the earth in different colors when you were younger? Perhaps that will be the last time the earth will look like that and represented as such in maps and globes. Climate change has really done damage to our world today.

According to experts, gone were the days when the Arctic was a tight passage for thousands of whales. Today’s new version is a picture of sea creatures sharing the ocean with different ships. And this scenario becomes worse year after year.

Whales and their ‘new’ lifestyle are just a tiny part of the story. Whilst the Arctic is amongst the least explored places up to now, the exponential growth of the global population and climate changes taking place rapidly, future explorations may just never happen.

The one big white spot that the older generations used to see on globes and maps will soon be smaller than expected. Everything that the earth was before will soon look different to the next generations to come. And more importantly, climate change will soon wreak havoc on our beloved Mother Earth.

Find hope in this disheartening situation by understanding the cause of climate change through this content.

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