Green Heating Alternatives

Heating your home doesn’t only use up a lot of money on bills, it also consumes a whole lot of energy. On its own it accounts for up to 29% of energy use in an average American home. Imagine how much could be saved if you cut out heating all together.

However, families don’t have to freeze in bed at night to cut down on consumption, there are numerous green heating alternatives that are just as efficient (maybe even better) while at the same time relying on resources that are renewable. This means that not only are you saving money, you’re also being an excellent environmental crusader.
Passive Solar –  Integrate a variety of non-intensive measures, such as large, south-facing windows shaded by deciduous trees or an overhang that keeps the sun out in summer, but allows it into the house in winter. Using thermal mass materials such as stone or concrete in the construction of your home can also serve to absorb heat during peak sun hours and release the stored heat into the home at night.
Active Solar – Active solar heating uses collectors, usually mounted on a roof and facing southward, to concentrate sunlight so that it heats air or liquid that is then pumped around the house. Heat collected doesn’t only warm up the home, but also the water supply.
Wood Stoves – Produce heat by burning seasoned hardwood. Some stoves can also burn wood pellets, which are made from discarded wood scraps and sawdust; therefore, you can embrace the principles of reuse and recycling while you heat your home.
Geothermal Heat – In winter, anything that’s a few feet underground will stay considerably warmer than something exposed to the cold air. A ground-source or geothermal heat pump uses the heat stored underground to increase the efficiency of a heating system.

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