How to Stay Cool this Summer while Donning Business SuitsEverybody can attest that whenever it’s summer time, it’s usually hot. But the season doesn’t pose that much of a problem that will keep us from working and continuing with life. Business meetings and special occasions will always be present even when temperature’s escalating. To help keep you cool while wearing a suit and tie for a business meeting or occasion, follow the tips mentioned below.

· First, always stay hydrated. Water and fresh fruit juices are your best buddies to fight the summer heat.

· If it can’t be helped not to wear suits, go with fabrics that have open weaves like frescos, linens, cottons, and wools.

· Refrain from wearing suits in dark blues and grays since they absorb more heat than their lighter counterparts.

There still are more tips to keep you feeling fresh while the sun’s heating you up. Click this to visit the source.

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