Did you know that you can create an analogy between your air conditioning unit and the human body? Whilst there’s a really big difference between something that’s alive from that’s not, understanding the similarities will help you identify the parts needing AC repair right away.

Without further ado, here are some analogies that may interest you:

– Consider the refrigerant/R-22 as the blood because of its similar functions. The same as the blood transferring many things to different parts of the body, the R-22 is responsible for changing states to provide cooling.

– Just like how the body has kidney and liver, the air conditioning systems also have their own version in the form of filters. The latter works by removing any unwanted particles out of the unit to keep it efficient.

– The condenser of an AC unit is like the body’s sweat glands. It needs to cool down to provide better cooling. This box outside the house cools down the R-22 before going into the compressor. It’s usually hot with the fans running.

Interested to know more of these analogies? Read everything here now.

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