When an air conditioning unit breaks down, two things will always come into mind – to have an AC repair or replace the old one? There isn’t a concrete answer for this situation since it will always depend on the kind of service needed for repair and your budget for a new replacement.

To make your confusions lighter, read the guide below.

– Prior to finalizing a decision, always assess the current situation. Is the malfunction that worst that it cannot be repaired? Or is the AC repair cost too much than buying a new cooling unit? Consider the intensiveness of the damage and your budget before deciding anything.

– Technicians will always tell you that the unit is repairable. In every instance, ask them to explain the situation in a way that you will understand. Learn the ropes of how the AC repair will take place because it’s very important in your decision-making process.

– Also take a look at how old your cooling unit is. If it still isn’t that old, it may still be under warranty. This can definitely save you money and time.

Still confused? Read the rest of the guide by clicking this link.

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