What Not to Wear to Work in the Summer

When the heat is at its paramount during the summertime, you don’t want your choice of clothing to weigh you down or add to the discomfort. Especially when at work, your wardrobe options will play a huge part in your ability to go about your tasks. Some companies allow employees to dress a bit more appropriately for the season to accommodate more comfort when working.

However, it is important for workers to not go overboard with their summer dressing to the point where they no longer look professional enough to do transactions. As a guideline, here is a rundown of what not to wear to work during the summer:
  • Flip flops –  Do not go to an interview in flip flops. Even after you get the job, do not wear flip flops to work even on dress down days.
  • Dark colors – In the summer, wear light colors that don’t absorb heat. Save your dark colored wardrobe for the cooler months.
  • See-through clothing – These are highly inappropriate for work. Don’t provide a peep show at work.
  • No undershirt – Contrary to what men think, a cotton undershirt actually helps you feel cooler because the undershirt will absorb perspiration.

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