Why Is My AC Using So Much Electricity in Aiken, SC?

Aiken, SC residents understand the importance of living comfortably in a cool home during summer. However, energy bills are likely to spike during these hot months. Here are some factors that can cause your AC to use more electricity than you intend.

Wrong-Sized System

Your AC could be consuming a lot of energy because it is too small or too large for your GA home. Either way, an incorrectly-sized machine can make the system work harder to regulate indoor temperatures. A qualified technician will recommend the right AC for your home before installation.

Using an Outdated Thermostat

Today’s smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in a house according to your preferences and daily schedule. For instance, a smart thermostat can begin cooling the house when it detects someone inside or be set to do so as you make your way home from work.

Though older thermostats still stop HVAC systems from running once the desired temperature is reached, they rely on someone physically being near the thermostat to adjust it. Whether you forget to set the temperature higher when you leave for work or you want to schedule temperatures for maximum convenience, newer thermostats can help limit the amount of energy the overall system uses.

Old AC System

An aging air conditioner will likely consume more energy than usual because isn’t as effective cooling as it ages. Most systems also develop various mechanical issues, such as leaky ducts, and become less efficient with age. Repairing the AC can help to reduce its energy consumption.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Failure to perform regular maintenance can increase your AC’s energy consumption, as minor problems arise that can spiral out of control. Consequently, they become major issues that deteriorate the system’s performance and efficiency.

For example, failure to clean or replace dirty air filters can cause dirt and debris to build up and clog the AC. This issue will restrict airflow and cause your HVAC system to strain as it tries to cool your home. High run times overheat the compressor and cause high energy bills.

In summary, installing a more efficient AC or maintaining the current one can help you save money and stay cool in your home this summer. Call our experts at Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for AC installation services.

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