Recent studies have shown that indoor comfort has a significant impact on employee productivity and on relationships with others. Because productive employees and happy customers are a winning combination, it’s worthwhile to consider how things like heating and cooling can impact your Augusta, GA, workplace and productivity.

Comfort Trumps Work

Many employers mistakenly believe that a chilly workplace keeps employees alert and productive. However, when workers are cold, they only care about warming up. They might try to borrow a sweater or complain with coworkers about how cold it is. If it’s summer, they might go outside to warm up. Whatever they do, it’s probably not about work.

A Chilly Workplace Impedes Performance

If employees do manage to stay on task in a cold environment, performance suffers. In a Cornell University study, researchers set an insurance company thermostat to 68 degrees and discovered that employee errors increased by almost 50 percent. Also, workers were almost 50 percent less productive than when the thermostat was set to a balmy 77 degrees.

People Who Feel Cold Perceive Others Negatively

Researchers have found that people who feel cold are more likely to perceive others as cold, selfish and uncaring. The upshot is that if your customers feel chilly, they may see your employees as mean and unfriendly. Conversely, the researchers found that people who feel warm are more trusting of and feel closer to the people around them.

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