4 Common HVAC Problems in Old Homes in Aiken, SC

If you recently moved into an older home with an old heating and cooling system, you should have some information about the device’s age and effectiveness. Although you probably have a good idea of what to expect, you should know how the distinctive house will affect your air conditioner. In this guide, we will cover the four common HVAC problems you may experience in older homes in Aiken, SC.

1. Low Efficiency Ratings

Every HVAC system comes with a SEER rating that indicates exactly how efficiently it runs. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is. Efficient devices result in a longer lifespan and lower energy bills.

Any device with a Energy Star certification should provide adequate efficiency since the certification requires a minimum SEER rating of 13. However, many new models have SEER ratings as high as 21.

Older buildings have a tendency to slack on insulation due to the aging of the materials. There is also possible failure to adhere to maintenance practices that keep things running smoothly, such as adding insulation as needed. Even if your AC has sufficient efficiency ratings on paper, you may not see the same results due to the home’s inefficient structure.

2. Old Air Conditioner

Like anything else, all HVAC systems come with an expiration date. If your home has some significant years behind it, the air conditioner probably does, too.

Most central air conditioning systems last more than 20 years, especially when the homeowner has regular maintenance performed throughout its life. However, the HVAC system in your home may not last as long, so it’s best to manage your expectations.

To get the best information regarding how long your AC will work, you should schedule HVAC maintenance services. This will optimize the system’s operation, and you’ll also get a professional opinion on what to expect next.

3. Old-Fashioned Thermostat

Technology advances at a rapid pace, allowing us new comforts and more logical ways to enjoy the ones we already have. These advancements sometimes come so quickly that people in old houses may not realize the better options available. This seems to apply to air conditioning thermostats.

The previous homeowner likely still had an outdated thermostat, and we can all understand not replacing something until it breaks. However, you probably want a thermostat with connectivity capabilities or smart technology.

Smart thermostats give you much more control over your HVAC system, and you never have to question the easy-to-read digital screen. Updating the thermostat is a straightforward and easy upgrade.

In addition to the lack of smart features, older thermostats also use one device to heat the entire house instead of using the more effective and modern zoning system that is available. A thermostat with zoning abilities can heat two far-away rooms at the same time without heating the other rooms unnecessarily, making it more efficient than heating every room, even ones people aren’t using.

4. Contaminated Indoor Air

A home’s indoor air quality index (IAQ) plays a large role in your health. As we learn more and more information through the years, older houses may not have made the proper updates to improve the air quality. Outdoor contaminants can likely get in through doors and windows that haven’t been weatherized, or the home could still use toxic paint.

Doc Savage Heating and Cooling

Old homes have a certain charm about them that makes them desirable to many buyers. However, new owners need to manage expectations about the condition of the house and its components. Items may break down unexpectedly, including the HVAC system in Aiken, SC.

We offer everything you need when it comes to the heating and cooling in your home. Call Doc Savage Heating and Air Conditioning when you need heat pumps, duct cleaning, central heating and indoor air quality solutions in Aiken, SC.

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