5 Tips for Improving Airflow in Your Aiken, SC, Home

Good airflow in your home enhances indoor air quality, prevents dust accumulation, regulates temperature and improves the efficiency of your HVAC system. If air isn’t flowing properly through your Aiken, SC, home, here are some tips to help you improve it, so you be more comfortable in your home.

1. Inspect Vents and Registers

Checking vents and registers in every room is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your home’s airflow. Keep each register open, even if you don’t want to cool a particular room. Closing registers forces your HVAC unit to work harder to direct the conditioned air where it has to go, and this can worsen airflow problems.

If you notice that you don’t use certain rooms very often, so they don’t require as much cooling as others, consider zoning. This involves creating zones within your HVAC system to allow greater control over airflow and temperature without reducing efficiency. It’s an ideal solution for many homes, as it lets you create different thermostat settings for every room or a group of rooms, in your house.

2. Ensure AC Vents Are Open

Your HVAC system moves air in a circular motion, using the air handler’s vents to draw in air, moving it through the air ducts, and directing it via the vents in every room. The air in the house starts to circulate because of the change in air pressure from the HVAC system. If anything disrupts one part of that pattern, the whole system’s airflow slows down.

You need to unblock AC vents to keep the air flowing. Since most ducts have closing valves so that you can close them internally, begin by making sure that those vents remain open. Remove any furniture, bookshelves or other items that are too close to the vents to keep from blocking the airflow.

3. Inspect Your Filters

The filter is one of the most overlooked parts of an HVAC system. As they age, filters begin to clog with all the dirt they gather. Inspect your filters regularly to make sure they’re clean, and replace them every 30 days during periods of high usage and every 90 days during regular use.

Also, use the correct type of filter, paying attention to its rating. Although the high-rated filters have a tight weave and can collect more allergens, that stiff weave can also obstruct airflow. Get a filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating that ranges between 8 and 13 to filter out allergens without compromising airflow. Make sure your filter is rated for your specific HVAC system.

4. Find and Repair Leaks

Air leaks change air pressure and prevent even air circulation. By allowing air to escape the system before it should, they reduce the vents’ pressure and cause air to move slowly. The majority of leaks are small and difficult to detect without special equipment that HVAC technicians use to inspect your unit’s natural airflow.

If you suspect that your system has leaky ducts, talk to us, and we’ll find it and seal it up. Duct sealing will enhance your HVAC system airflow, making your home more comfortable.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you haven’t contacted us for preventive maintenance yet, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Although you may think regular tune-ups aren’t a big deal, especially if your HVAC system is relatively new, they can significantly improve your air conditioner’s performance.

When conducting annual maintenance, we inspect and clean the equipment inside and out, test its operation, remove accumulated dirt and look for issues that could affect your HVAC system’s performance. In addition, we replace the air filter, which can easily block and limit airflow during peak use.

Contact our team at Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., to schedule an air analysis and HVAC maintenance to improve your Aiken, SC, home’s airflow. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our services and solutions for a healthier home full of clean and fresh air.

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