7 Common Fall Furnace Problems in Augusta, GA

While we advise having a professional give your furnace a full maintenance check or repair, it’s important that you know how to troubleshoot certain issues. This will be helpful if you start noticing problems when temperatures start to drop in autumn. Read on to learn about the seven most common fall heater problems in Augusta, GA.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Most fan problems or issues with heating levels boil down to either a faulty thermostat or a homeowner not setting it correctly. When the thermostat goes wrong, there is no concise communication between it and your furnace. It’s imperative to know how your thermostat works and why it doesn’t, so your heat and comfort don’t suffer.

Dirty Filters

This falls under standard maintenance, something a homeowner in Augusta, GA, may not find time to do. Filters don’t last forever, and they become ineffective over time. Dirty filters can also cause your system to work harder, increasing your energy costs, so you need to ensure they’re cleaned or changed as required by the manufacturer.

Furnace Isn’t On

Newer furnace models may have a device that could be mistaken for a light switch. This pressure switch is a fail-safe that protects against gas leaks and back-drafting and keeps the appliance from cycling in case of mechanical failure. The switch can be accidentally turned off without the homeowner knowing it.

You can throw the switch back on. Wait a few minutes and see if the furnace is good to go. If it doesn’t start running normally, call for help from experienced pros who are fully trained in heating services.

Other matters that can interfere with heating include airflow blockage or thermostats not being set correctly to “heat.” Newer models may have a Reset button near blower housing and, after you press it, the unit should be back in action after half an hour or so.

Lack of Power

It’s not unusual to think something’s wrong with the heat because of the furnace. Yet there are instances where, for one reason or another, the furnace isn’t getting sufficient power. See if the fan turns on, and if it doesn’t, you have a problem.

You can also take a look at the fuse box, checking main and secondary panels. Again, if your breakers aren’t labeled, find the one for your furnace by clicking each and see if the furnace comes on. If the breaker has been tripped, there may be a short.

Breaker Panel

Another power issue is the circuit that controls the furnace flipping off. The switch that runs the boiler (all your breaker circuits, actually) should have a mark on it to identify it. Try flipping it, and your unit may go back to work.

If that switch keeps flipping back, there could be a number of issues. This could be the result of an overloaded furnace, a shared circuit or a short circuit or ground fault in the furnace. You need a technician to look at the boiler and get to the bottom of the problem.

Faulty Thermocouple

Thermocouples play a critical role in your heating system. If the thermocouple doesn’t detect the pilot flame, it shuts off the gas.

There are several reasons why the thermocouple becomes defective, but it’s best to let an experienced technician figure that out.

Lack of Maintenance

This is without question the most common heater problem. As long as everything seems to run smoothly, many homeowners assume there is no need for routine maintenance. Then, we’re called in to solve a problem that was avoidable if only we’d been able to catch it early.

Even savvy homeowners in Augusta, GA, who know what’s wrong with their heaters don’t always know what to do to fix them. We’ve seen many DIY jobs that ended up costing customers a lot more than they should have. If you need answers, maintenance or repairs, call Doc Savage Heating & Conditioning, Inc. and let us take care of your heating issues.

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