Don’t Make These 7 Heat Pump Miscues in Aiken, GA

During the winter, you need your heating system to be as efficient as possible. However, the majority of the time, Aiken, GA homeowners make mistakes that diminish the efficiency and performance of their heat systems. Here’s a list of typical heat pump miscues to avoid if you want to prevent costly repairs.

1. Neglecting the Air Filters

A clogged air filter can obstruct air circulation and impede the heating process, making it harder for your heat pump to heat your living area. This can lead to inferior indoor air quality, decreased comfort, increased energy use and increased utility bills. HVAC professionals advise changing your heat pump filters at least once after every three months to optimize efficiency and prolong the lifecycle of your heater.

2. Frequently Altering the Temperature

Another blunder Aiken, GA homeowners make is to keep changing the temperature settings. It’s critical to set a specific temperature once and allow the heat pump to function at that setting for a period.

Your heat pump will need some time to acclimate to the new set temperature. As a result, it’s critical to wait for it to settle on the temperature setting before attempting to change it. To avoid repeated adjustments, set it to the regular room temperature or use a programmable thermostat that regulates your temperature.

3. Inadequate Insulation of Your Home

Your HVAC system will take longer to cool or heat your house if it is not properly insulated. Heated or conditioned air escapes through ductwork leaks or around doors and windows, causing your heat pump to work harder than it should. Because your heat pump uses refrigeration to move heat in and out of your Aiken, GA house, it may take a bit longer to warm your space than a furnace could.

4. Skipping Preventative Maintenance

Ignoring periodic maintenance may result in a system failure during the cooling or heating season. During the maintenance visit, the technician ensures that there is no greenery growing around the exterior unit. This can limit circulation around the heat pump, reducing its efficiency in cooling or heating your house.

In addition, the technician cleans or replaces filters to improve airflow and verifies that the vents are open and your outside coils are spotless. All of these processes keep your system running smoothly and aid in the detection of minor faults before they become significant issues.

5. Setting the Heat Pump to Auto

It’s a frequent misconception that “AUTO” mode on your heat pump is the most effective option. The problem is that when you utilize this configuration, your equipment may unnecessarily switch between cooling and heating. Remember that your heating system will be more efficient if set to “HEAT” in the winter and “COOL” in the summer.

6. DIY Repairs and Installations

Because you utilize your heat pump for both cooling and heating your house, it requires expert tune-ups twice annually. To function with your home’s current duct system, a heat pump requires various connections and attachments.

If you opt to do your own repairs or installation, you run the danger of replacing the wrong parts. Repairing a heat pump entails dealing with high-voltage power, which you might not have the proper tools or abilities to handle, plus it will void the warranty.

7. Failing to Address Leaky Ducts

Waiting a long time to fix leaking ductwork might result in a drop in air pressure that can interfere with how conditioned air circulates throughout your house. This is often addressed by sealing, repairing, or replacing your ductwork to maintain an airtight fit.

Even though the heat pump faults listed above are common, they are readily avoidable. Contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for all your Aiken, GA home’s HVAC needs, whether you need an installation services or repairs. Our skilled service techs provide exceptional heat pump, heating, duct cleaning and indoor air quality services.

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