Preventative Maintenance for a Healthy HVAC System

Your HVAC system is vital to the comfort, health and safety of your family and home in Augusta, GA. Keeping your system properly maintained can save you time and money. If your HVAC system gets periodic tune-ups by a professional, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind.

Protect Your Air Quality

As your HVAC system cools the air in your home, it filters out biological contaminants and other forms of indoor air pollution. Keeping your HVAC system serviced on a regular schedule can ensure access to freshly filtered and cooled air. Should you notice any odors coming from your AC vent, it may be time to have your air ducts cleaned.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

As the temperature rises, your AC unit will have to work harder than ever. If any airflow is impeded by dust, debris or plant growth, your AC system may be at risk of damage from overheating.

Maintaining your HVAC system is a lot like maintaining your car. It’s much cheaper to replace the oil regularly than to replace an engine eventually.

To keep the members of your household comfortable as the summer heats up, consider setting up a preventative maintenance schedule. Not only will this ensure that your AC is serviced before the hot weather hits, but the technicians will remember your system should emergency repairs ever be needed. This could make a service call go much faster.

Help You Plan for a New HVAC System

Sadly, all things mechanical will eventually wear out. The time to find out you need a new central air conditioner is not just after the current system has broken down. With a maintenance contract, you can monitor the longevity of the current system and know when it’s time to prepare for a new one.

That being said, it’s critical to remember that the best way to avoid buying a new AC unit is to take care of the one you have. A properly maintained AC unit will last much longer than a neglected one.

Reduce Humidity

When the heat is high, too much humidity will add to your discomfort. A properly maintained HVAC unit will not only cool the air, but it will draw moisture from it as well.

Carefully monitor your home for any humidity buildup, such as fogging on your windows early in the day. You may need an HVAC tune-up to check your dehumidifier, or the system may need more dehumidifying help.

Areas to Focus On

One of the most critical factors to the health of your HVAC unit is airflow. Homeowners can help monitor this by keeping plants away from the unit and removing climbing vines from the grillwork.

Homeowners also need to change the HVAC filter regularly. If your region features plants that release floating seeds, such as cottonwood trees, make sure to schedule a cleaning once this season has passed.

Your HVAC techs can greatly improve airflow by cleaning the unit at this time. Your HVAC unit is designed to function in extreme heat, but if the air isn’t flowing, it will cut out to protect itself from burning up. Air will be moving, but it won’t be cooled.

In these situations, your home will not only warm up but also become more humid. That’s because warm air can carry more water. If the air coming through the ducts is warm, your AC unit is in trouble.

Filters will need to be changed or cleaned. Furthermore, evaporator coils should be checked and cleaned to prevent any line freezing. If you notice frost building up anywhere on your AC unit, contact a service technician immediately.

If your air conditioner is in need of some attention, contact Doc Savage Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for maintenance and repairs. We’ll be happy to help you set up a maintenance schedule. Our team will check out every facet of your heating and cooling system.

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