3 Advantages of Duct Sealing

According to ENERGY STAR, leaky ductwork can reduce heating and cooling efficiency by up to 20 percent. However, you don’t have to let that happen in your Augusta, Georgia, home. The answer to your problems is duct sealing. By sealing your ductwork, you can provide perfect home comfort, get reduced energy bills, and see monthly savings.

Better Home Comfort

When your air conditioner or furnace treats air and blows it into your home, it provides the comfort you desire, regardless of what the weather’s like outside. Unfortunately, leaky ducts allow conditioned air to flow into parts of your house that don’t need it, such as the attic or crawl space. This causes hot and cold spots throughout your home, even if the thermostat is at the temperature you want. Duct sealing prevents this loss in comfort, directing the air just where it needs to go.

Reduced Energy Bills

While leaky ducts cause reduced home comfort, they also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. When the air doesn’t reach its intended destination, your HVAC system has to create more treated air. This causes it to work longer or cycle on and off throughout the day. As a result, your energy usage goes through the roof. If you notice your monthly bills spiking dramatically, it’s probably time to seal your ducts.

Save Money

Duct sealing saves you money. It’s as simple as that. The heated or cooled air that flows to non-living spaces costs you money, and typically, you push the thermostat even higher or lower to offset the situation. With your ducts properly sealed, you don’t needlessly toy with the thermostat and your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard. This puts money back in your pocket as soon as we complete your duct sealing.

When you’re suffering from a lack of home comfort and high energy bills, contact Doc Savage. Our team of experts will find the loose ducts and seal them with efficiency and professionalism. Give us a call today at 706-426-9262.

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