3 Zoning Benefits

An HVAC zoning system uses dampers in your ductwork to direct warm or cool air where it’s needed most. You can choose a ductless zoning unit with more than one indoor air handler, or you can pick two or more separate HVAC units with multiple indoor units. Both of these systems let you create customized temperature zones to eliminate stuffy spots or drafts. They can raise the value of your Evans, Georgia, home as well. Keep reading for more information about zoning’s many benefits.

Energy Savings

Zoning lets you avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, thus lowering your utility bills. Systems with zoning may be a bit more expensive upfront than others, but you’ll get your investment back through energy savings.


With zoning, everyone in your home can choose the temperature they prefer for their bedrooms or the rooms they use most. That way, you can avoid arguments about the best setting for the thermostat. Zoning can improve your home’s indoor air quality by keeping contaminants and bad smells from spreading, and it makes less noise than other systems. It’s ideal for homes with large windows, more than one floor, or a recent addition, and it can increase your family’s comfort.


Many zoning systems have programmable thermostats that let you make changes from anywhere with your computer or phone. Some also come with remote controls and voice recognition. You can keep guests from changing your settings by requiring a password or code. The right zoning system can also control other smart devices in your home, provide weather forecasts, and more.

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