4 Common AC Repairs to Avoid With Proper Maintenance

Having to schedule AC repairs can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have money or the need arises on the hottest day. Routine AC maintenance helps keep your air conditioning unit in Harlem, GA functioning optimally and prevents costly repairs. Here are four common AC repairs you can avoid by regularly and properly maintaining your air conditioner.

1. Leaks

Air conditioner leaks are common during summer and can cause water damage, which is costly. The inside coil collects condensation before draining it outdoors, but when the drain clogs, it causes the condensation to leak in your home. During an AC maintenance appointment, our service technician will clean the condensate drain to prevent clogging and AC leaks.

2. Premature System Failure

While air conditioners don’t last forever, your system should serve you for a decade or more before reaching the end of its lifespan. Our technicians will inspect the air conditioner and its components, conduct any necessary AC repairs and provide tips to extend the cooling system’s lifespan. Failure to properly maintain an air conditioner can force it to fail prematurely, leading to costly replacements.

3. Frozen Coils

When the coils freeze, they prevent the refrigerant from transferring heat outdoors. Several factors, such as dirty air filters and a low refrigerant, can force coils to freeze. During a routine maintenance call, professionals can detect and fix these causes early enough to prevent the coils from freezing.

4. Duct Leaks and Dirty Ductwork

Ductwork leaks force your cooling system to work harder to cool your home, affecting its efficiency and increasing utility costs. Proper AC maintenance allows our professionals to inspect and clean your ducts and registers to prevent leaks and dirt accumulation. Ensure a cleaner and healthier home by scheduling annual AC maintenance appointments.

Besides helping to prevent unexpected AC breakdowns, annual tune-ups can improve your AC system’s performance and efficiency. It’s wise to schedule tune-ups before the hottest days of summer. Call Doc Savage for more information about our Comfort Agreement for maintenance, or sign up today.

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