4 Troublesome Heat Pump Noises in Augusta, GA

Heat pumps usually operate quietly without disturbing your indoor comfort. However, faulty components may cause the system to produce strange noises while running. Below, we will discuss various heat pump noises in Augusta, GA and what they mean.

1. Hissing, Bubbling or Gurgling

Your heat pump absorbs and moves heat from one area to another using a unique fluid called a refrigerant. A hissing noise occurs when the high-pressure fluid leaks through tiny openings along the refrigerant lines. These tiny openings also allow air to enter the refrigerant lines.

When the air bubbles mix with the refrigerant, a gurgling or bubbling sound occurs. Refrigerant leaks cause your system to overwork; hence, it’s vital to address the issue immediately.

2. Clicking

Typically, a heat pump produces a clicking noise when a cooling or heating cycle starts or ends. The capacitor may be faulty if it makes continuous clicking noises. Thermostat issues may also cause the heat pump to cycle on and off constantly.

3. Banging

Sometimes, this noise sounds like metal hitting another metal. A banging noise may mean there is a loose part in your heat pump.

This loose part may have fallen in the way of the rotating fan blades, causing a banging sound as the fan blades hit it. Turn off your system immediately after you hear this noise to prevent more damage to your system’s components, and call a technician for repairs.

4. Grinding

A grinding noise occurs when the moving parts of your heat pump lack sufficient lubrication. Insufficient lubrication accelerates wear and tear of your system’s components. Schedule regular maintenance services to keep your components well-lubricated at all times.

Ignoring unusual noises allows the underlying problem to worsen, resulting in costly repairs. Contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for professional heat pump services whenever you detect strange sounds from your system. Our technicians will accurately identify the problems and fix them.

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