Experts say that workers exposed in extreme weather conditions are very much at risk of experiencing heat stress. Furthermore, exposure to high heat temperatures may result in injuries and illnesses inside the workplace.

Heat stress has different types: rashes, stroke, cramps, and exhaustion. Workers who are likelier to go through this include outdoor personnel, miners, farmers, bakery men, firefighters, construction workers, and others. Aside from the aforementioned, senior citizens and young children are also at a higher risk of exposure to sweltering temperatures.

Here are the different types of heat stress:

· Heat stroke is the most severe heat stress of all. It happens when, after too much sun exposure, the body becomes incapable of controlling its own temperature. The sudden upsurge of temperature incapacitates the body’s sweating mechanism, failing to cool down.

· Heat exhaustion happens when the system loses too much water and salt because of too much sweating. While this isn’t as perilous as a stroke, its adverse effects are enough to trigger worries.

Symptoms and remedies for each heat stress type can be found in this full article.

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