New Hampshire’s extreme weather assistance program has already been seen struggling with its funding this year. This took place even before the government shut down. With that being said and the government issuing funding cuts, drawbacks have been felt by citizens across the state as well as in the neighboring counties.

This year, extreme weather assistance for all of New Hampshire has been cut to only $1.1 million from more than $2 million in previous years. The program was meant to provide low-income families with assistance in insulating their homes as well as installing heating systems. It is being run by the state administration with funding coming from the national government.

Albeit the changes bound to happen, this year’s money won’t be affected since the budget has already been approved earlier this year. On the other hand, the future changes are still expected to affect and contribute to delays in providing funding to low-income families.

Read this to grasp what’s currently happening to New Hampshire’s extreme weather assistance program.

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