The effects of extreme weather – psychological and physical – have been prevalent in several communities all throughout the United States. Eleven severe climate change events transpired in 2012. Some of these events include ravaging storms and flooding, as well as intense heat which caused drought in many US states.

According to reports, each devastating extreme weather event costs at least $1 billion. The hottest year ever recorded in US history brought drought in at least 65% of the entire country. This, furthermore, resulted in wildfires occurring in the Western region that burned over 9.2 million acres of farmland – livestock and agriculture.

Additionally, some farmers reported their wells getting dry while others have suffered water usage restrictions to accommodate the need of all people affected. Due to this undermining situation, food and fuel prices increased all throughout the country, hurting families especially the struggling ones. Experts say that improving water and soil health will limit crop losses due to extreme weather.

To learn the relation of healthy soils and extreme weather prevention, click here.

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