How to Remove Mold in Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners Tips to Extend the LifespanAll homes can experience mold infestations, particularly those that get a lot of moisture. If you live in warmer climate, you may think you’re immune to this problem but you’d be surprised to find out that isn’t true. Since you live in a warmer environment then you most definitely use an air conditioner to cool up your home, which also happens to be a perfect spot for molds to cultivate.

Molds thrive in the cold environment provided by air conditioners. The cool it gives is enough to make them flourish while not being cold enough to kill them. To remove molds in your AC and prevent health problems brought about by spores, follow these mold removal tips by
  • Remove the filter and replace if is disposable. If it isn’t clean it by soaking it on hot water for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Remove the front grill from air conditioner per manufacturer’s instructions; and remove the metal cover from air conditioner so that you can see inside
  • Using a brush, remove all visible dirt and dust from the internal components of the air conditioner, taking care with delicate parts and mechanisms. After dirt is gone, wipe with degreaser and damp towels to eliminate the mold accumulation.
  • Vacuum the front grill, ensuring that all of the grill slats are free of dust accumulation.
  • Wipe off the metal cover, paying special attention to any vents where dirt, dust, moisture and mold may accumulate. You may want to vacuum out any of these vents.
  • Replace metal cover, filter and grill. Ensure that all screws are tightened, and the filter is completely dry.
  • Drain any remaining water in the base, and allow the unit to air dry for a few hours to discourage new mold growth.

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