Is Your HVAC System Making You Lose Sleep in Evans, GA?

When temperatures in Evans, GA plummet during the winter, your HVAC system becomes a vital ally in guaranteeing comfort. Surprisingly, it could also be the source of your restless nights. Let’s take a closer look at how your HVAC system affects your sleep.

Temperature Control Issues

The temperature setting of your HVAC system determines the room temperature in which you sleep and, therefore, has an impact on your sleep cycle. According to research, sleeping in a slightly colder room (60-68°F) promotes better sleep. An HVAC system that struggles to maintain this temperature range may disrupt your sleep, leaving you fatigued in the mornings.

Humidity Challenges

Throughout winter, HVAC systems often contribute to indoor air drying out, leading to diminished humidity levels. This drop in humidity can cause discomfort, such as throat irritation and congestion, disrupting your sleep cycle. To efficiently regulate humidity levels, you may need to invest in a humidifier or adjust your HVAC settings to a suitable range.

Noise Levels

The noise produced by HVAC systems is an often-overlooked factor. Older or poorly maintained systems might make distracting noises while operating, making it difficult to fall or stay asleep throughout the night. Schedule maintenance with an HVAC contractor to address these concerns early and improve your sleep quality.

Air Quality Impact

Your sleep is directly affected by the quality of air circulated by your HVAC system. Dust and pollutants can cause allergies or respiratory problems, disrupting your sleep patterns. Changing filters regularly and scheduling professional maintenance can help in enhancing indoor air quality.

A well-maintained HVAC system could be the key to rediscovering your restful nights. Contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for expert heating services and enjoy the peace of uninterrupted, restful sleep.

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