Natural Ways to Heat Your Georgia Home

Georgia winters are general fairly mild. In northern states, forced air heat warms about 75 percent of homes. In Georgia, however, residents have the opportunity to heat their homes naturally without a furnace by using creative methods. For asthma and allergy sufferers or those with respiratory issues, heating homes naturally can also be helpful to maintaining a safe air quality standard

Seal Air Leaks

During mild winters, normal activity can heat homes sufficiently If the warm air is retained. Install new weather stripping along doors and windows, caulk seals around the home, add foam insulation sheets behind electrical plates, boost existing insulation in walls and attics, and locate and seal any other air leaks. 

Cook Every Meal

Food preparation is one of the best ways to heat a home. Forget about using microwaves in winter, as they do nothing to heat homes. Stick with stovetops and ovens for cooking. Not only will you heat your home, you will enjoy a healthier diet than ordering out. 

The Power of the Sun

Opening curtains and allowing sunlight to flood rooms is an excellent method for warming homes. When the sun sets, cover windows with insulated curtains. Drapes with weighted hems and rubber backing are ideal for trapping heat and blocking out cold. 

Use Old-Fashioned Lighting

Candles are classically used in homes for their romantic glow and warmth. If placed underneath an upturned, elevated terracotta pot, a candle creates a surprisingly robust space heater.  

Personal Comfort

You can also warm the person instead of the room. Sometimes using a hot water bottle, pocket heaters, or an extra layer of clothing is easiest and most effective.

These tried-and-true methods are great ways to save money and keeping the air safe for asthma sufferers throughout the long winter months. Ask Doc Savage about heating systems and air purifiers to help everyone stay warm and for asthma sufferers to breath easier this winter. 

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