New Smart AC Controllable via Phone AppSummer can be pretty harsh and even more extreme in some areas than others. And with these rising temperatures comes the insatiable need for people to stay comfortably cool the best way possible.

If you’re one of those people who live in cities or states that sizzle during the summertime, then you are probably continuously on the hunt for measures and innovations to fight the heat. Those living in apartments may have their own set of challenges as cooling this kind of area may be different and may also have lesser ventilation as a contributing factor.
Fortunately, a company called Quirky, working hand in hand with GE, has created a cooling system that can be controlled via smartphone app. This smart AC, called Aros is capable of cooling a 350-square foot apartment or space. Aside from being one of the latest and most efficient in cooling technologies, it is also a cost-effective option.
According to Mashable, “The Aros will record your GPS location and will enable and disable itself depending on when you arrive or leave. Additionally, the Aros tracks weather and usage information to provide a budgeted schedule and plan for use, optimizing an energy plan for your specific needs or location.”
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