Preparing for Continued Cold Weather

March has already entered the year. Perhaps so many people are already looking forward for a new season; unfortunately, winter is still here. In fact, many household members are feeling a letdown because of the extended cold weather.

But what can we do? We cannot stop this natural phenomenon, which is for sure. What we can do, though, is be prepared for the ongoing winter.

– If you will be driving after a snowstorm or on a very snowy day, make sure that you prepped your car for the weather beforehand. Always drive slowly and never aggressively.

– Keep basic supplies such as non-perishable foods, emergency and first aid kits when out on the snow.

– If the electricity in the house ran out, make sure to seek assistance from the power company as soon as possible.

– Do not always use the freezer and refrigerator to keep frozen foods cold for as long as 48 hours.

– Use an alternative heat source if your furnace breaks. Inform the servicing company to have it fixed immediately.

– Frozen pipes can be thawed by wrapping around them a towel soaked in hot water.


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