Prepping Your AC for Your Vacation in Evans, GA

Summer is when you plan vacations, but it’s also a good time to plan for your absence. While thinking about the utilities or pets, be sure to prepare your HVAC system before you leave, too. There are a few ways you can prepare your Evans, GA, AC before you leave for your summer vacation.

Adjust the Thermostat Before You Leave

Turning off your HVAC when you leave town may help you save money on your energy bill, but it isn’t good for your system, or your home. Your system should actually run regularly to keep moisture from building up during the summer. Raise the temperature of your thermostat by 4 – 6 degrees before your vacation to maintain your system.

You can’t predict what’ll happen while you’re away, but you can prepare for scenarios. A storm can cause a power surge or outage, which can damage your AC system. You should install a surge protector for your HVAC system whether you’re going on vacation or not.

Conduct AC Maintenance Before You Leave

Cleaning your AC system is good, but you should still have HVAC maintenance done before leaving, if you didn’t have maintenance completed at the start of summer. Our AC professionals can catch small issues before they become big problems. Your vacation would be the worst time for your AC to suffer a major malfunction.

Check the Air Filter Before You Leave

Your air filter is an important part of your AC that blocks debris from becoming airborne. When dirt and dust build up on your air filter, it lowers your indoor air quality. You should check and replace the air filter, if needed, according to the manufacturer, and it should be the correct size for your system.

Another way to prepare your AC during the summer is to install a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat allows you to change the settings from an app on your phone, or even check to make sure your system is maintaining the set temperature. If you need any AC maintenance or AC installation in Evans, GA, call us at Doc Savage to schedule an appointment today.

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