Reports on Climate Change and Its Link to Uncertainty

Recent studies on climate change show that this part of science is still an uncertain aspect. Even when media coverage gives utter focus on climate change, its uncertainties still leave people wondering how to deal with it.

Eighty percent of the stories on climate change all contain contexts wherein risks and uncertainties are pointed out. A report from Oxford University also stated that eight in every ten stories link these extreme weather events to global warming and the increase in the emission of carbon gases.

The world’s climate is generally less sensitive to carbon gases as opposed to what most people think. With the use of products emitting carbon gases, chances of the climate being unaffected by poisonous gases will be increased. However, many scientists linking climate change to human influences are only 95% sure of the correlation.

With the many articles talking about climate change, only 25% of them talked about the actual risks and how to take on climate changes. The rest are mainly clinging on to the ‘uncertainty’ side of things when it comes to extreme weather changes.

Further reading about this study can be found on this site.

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