Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

The state of your commercial HVAC system in Aiken, GA can positively or negatively impact your employees’ performance. A faulty system doesn’t clean your indoor air efficiently, meaning your employees may suffer from respiratory infections, which translates to more sick leaves. In order to act early and counter the negative impacts of an inefficient commercial HVAC system, watch for the following signs.

Increasing Monthly Electric Charges

Your system uses electricity to maintain the desired temperatures in your facility. And if it works harder or longer than it should, that translates to higher energy consumption.

Obviously, as your system gets older, you might notice a slight increase in energy consumption. Again, weather changes might cause small variations in energy use. However, if you notice that your bills are too high, you should have your system checked.

Strange Noises from Commercial HVAC System

You shouldn’t disregard any strange sound from your commercial system. Although at times they might signify a minor issue within your system, other times, the problem might be bigger. If ignored, minor issues become more extensive, demanding costly repairs and, at times, replacements.

In some cases, ignoring unusual HVAC sounds might cost you the entire system. Therefore, if you notice rattling, buzzing, clicking, clunking, hissing or grinding noise from your system, shut it down immediately and reach out to a technician.

Hot and Cold Spots

Uneven cooling or heating indicates an issue within your system. At times, it might be due to an improperly sized HVAC. While other times, it might be due to cracks or holes in your ductwork.

In some cases, it might be due to dirt and dust buildup in your system, which affects airflow from room to room. Whatever the cause, you need to hire an HVAC service provider to diagnose and address the issue.

For over 40 years, we’ve been offering fast and efficient commercial HVAC services for business owners in Aiken, GA. Since we are a local, family-owned business, our charges are fair and budget-friendly. Contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule commercial HVAC services.

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