It’s important to keep the air quality inside of your Evans, GA, home as clean as it can be. Fortunately, a whole-home air purifier can help you handle the impurities that naturally arise over the summer and fall months. Here’s a closer look at what the best whole-home air purifier can do for the air quality in your home.

1. An Air Purifier Will Remove Contaminants

From dust mites to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), indoor air pollution can make your air less healthy over time. Whole-home air purifiers produce clean, fresh air that’s an absolute pleasure to inhale.

2. Improve the Odor in Your Home

Using an air purifier is one of the best ways to reduce odors in your home as it reduces the need to spray scents into the air. An activated carbon filter will absorb the chemicals that creates the odor, and a HEPA filter will trap the tiniest dust particles that release odors. If you’ve ever found yourself using air fresheners in the kitchen or in the living room, then a home air purifier is for you.

3. Gain Cleaner Furniture

Homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn how fast poor air quality can lead to dirty furniture. Dust and other airborne particulate matter that travels through the air can often settle on the upholstery of your chairs, your bed, and even your favorite sofa. The right air purifier can drastically reduce the amount of dust that settles on your furniture and increase the comfort of your home.

Air purifiers are one of the most underrated additions to your HVAC system. We offer a variety of air purifiers in many different home types regularly, and one of our technicians can help you select the right model for your budget. Call our team at Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning to review your HVAC installation options today.

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