Contact professional AC services before it gets worseNow that the rising temperatures of summer are here, our air conditioners are our best friends. We rely on them to keep our homes cool so we can go about our daily lives comfortably. However, it’s inevitable that from time to time these trusty units have to undergo repairs.

Unfortunately, ACs have to be serviced because owners tend to overuse them but fail to provide the proper maintenance their units need. Other than improper maintenance, here are several other reasons why air conditioners have to undergo repair:
  • Improper usage – An example of this is making your AC work twice as hard by having it run with windows open.
  • Improper installation – This can lead to many problems, such as leaks and incorrect refrigeration levels, that could have been avoided from the start.
  • Corroded electrical connections – Make sure to check connections frequently asĀ condensation is a risk with any system and this raises the risk for corrosion.
  • Failed sensors – This is usually a result of themĀ getting knocked loose and moving too far or too near to the evaporator coil. This could cause a unit to stop working.
  • Clogged drains – Pooling or backing up of water can damage your unit.
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