Ways a Dirty Air Filter Can Increase Cooling Costs

The summer heat in Evans, GA can be hard to tolerate at times. Your air conditioner has to work hard and may malfunction sooner if the air filter is not clean. Here are the ways a dirty filter can affect your AC unit and increase cooling costs.

Decreases Your System’s Efficiency

An AC with a dirty air filter will have decreased efficiency. Therefore, a clean air filter is essential for the optimal performance of your cooling system.

A dirty air filter can also cause the compressor to run longer than necessary, leading to increased energy costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you need to replace your air filters every three to six months as an easy way to keep your AC unit running smoothly and help save money on your energy bill.

Makes the System Work Harder

When you have a dirty air filter, it causes the system to work harder than necessary due to restricted airflow. This leads to shortened equipment life and will increase your cooling costs because the system will require more energy to achieve the same results.

A dirty air filter can also cause the unit to break down prematurely. The dust and dirt particles can damage the coils and other parts of the AC unit. This damage can lead to expensive AC repairs or even a replacement.

Causes the Unit to Freeze Up

The evaporator coils in your AC unit rely on airflow to remove heat from your home. When the coils become blocked by accumulated dirt that the filter couldn’t catch, they can’t do their job correctly. This can cause the coils to freeze, preventing your AC unit from cooling your home effectively.

To prevent these problems, it is essential to change your air filter regularly. Contact Doc Savage for repair, installation or HVAC maintenance. Our team of certified technicians can help you keep your AC unit running efficiently in Evans, GA.

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