Climate change has been making headlines for the last couple of months. It’s an evident sign that our world is in danger, and so are the people and other living creatures.

Several studies have shown how the current situation is affecting different places in the world. But, where in the world is climate change most possible? Additionally, what countries or regions are the most resilient against climate change and extreme weather?

A recent study that was published in Nature Climate Change claims that regions located in southern Asia, eastern South America, western and central Europe, and southern Australia are all susceptible to climate change. The primary purpose of this study is to give warning as well as information to all governments worldwide. In addition, authors of the study want to impart their knowledge via providing details on where it’s most sensible to invest money, time, and effort to protect the more threatened ecosystems.

It’s high time people realize that climate change will directly and indirectly have an effect on the world’s ecosystems, whether we like it or not. Hence, action should be taken the soonest possible.

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