What You Can Do To Help Your HVAC System

Your Augusta, GA, HVAC system needs your help this summer. It isn’t asking much. Simply perform these three simple tasks, and it will give you optimal performance and utility bills that won’t make you cringe.

Change Your Air Filter

Filters remove airborne contaminants and protect HVAC equipment from grit that can take it down. To be on the safe side, you should change them at least quarterly and if needed, every month.

Filters have MERV ratings from 1-16; the higher the MERV, the more particles a filter will trap. Cheap use-and-toss fiberglass filters rated from one to four provide bare bones equipment protection. Pleated paper air filters rated 5-8 are a better choice for HVAC protection and indoor air quality (IAQ). Disposable pleated high-efficiency filters rated 11-13 are excellent for both IAQ and your HVAC; besides particles, they trap viruses and bacteria.

High-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters trap basically everything, but they only work with compatible systems. Make sure you use the MERV rating that is suggested for your particular HVAC system.

Clean Your AC Condensate Drain

Algae, dust and bacteria can all collect in your AC drain pipe, and if there’s a buildup, the drain can get blocked. When the drain pipe is working properly, there should be a slow drip whenever the unit is running. The drain pipe is usually near the outdoor unit and attached to your home. If there’s no drip, the drain pipe is probably blocked. You can clear the blockage yourself using a shop vac, or you can have an HVAC technician handle it for you.

Schedule a Tuneup

A spring AC tuneup is mandatory if you want a happy air conditioner. For clean, cool indoor air and utility bills that won’t eat up your vacation money, always service your air conditioner before the cooling season starts.

To schedule AC maintenance or to get help cleaning a blocked condensate drain, call Doc Savage Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc.

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