Why Your AC Smells Musty in Aiken, SC

Naturally, you expect your Aiken, SC home to feel cooler and more comfortable when you switch on the air conditioning. But you may occasionally catch a whiff of a strange, musty smell from your AC for the following reasons.

Incorrect Unit Size

To keep your space cold and fresh, you need an AC unit that’s the right size for your home or workplace. If the AC is too big, it will provide cool air quickly, but prevents proper dehumidification. A unit that’s too small won’t adequately cool your room, which might cause the air in the room and the air around your AC to begin smelling musty.

Frozen Condenser Coil Due to a Blocked Air Filter

Droplets of water could accumulate on the evaporator coils due to a clogged air filter. As the refrigerant in the AC unit cools the air, these water droplets begin to freeze. A qualified HVAC expert can help. They can access and allow the condenser coil to defrost and then change the filters to restore optimal airflow.

Blockage in Condensate Drains

Your unit’s condensate line is a pipe that empties water from the drip pan and empties next to the condenser unit outside your home. Bacterial growth and sludge, on the other hand, can accumulate in the pipe and cause it to clog. The odor may go away once the obstruction is gone.

Moisture Buildup in Ducts

If you notice a musty smell from your air conditioner, you may have bacterial growth in your ductwork. This could cause a musty odor to come from your vents. Schedule routine cleaning to eliminate the musty smell coming from your ductwork.

You might require professional assistance if the musty smell from your air conditioner persists. Contact the HVAC specialists at Doc Savage for service. We’ll be happy to help you with any AC problems, so that you have a cool, pleasant house.

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