New HVAC Technology Means Improved Comfort & Efficiency

The next generation of HVAC technology is getting smarter. From Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats to electronic air cleaners to variable speed compressors, these breakthrough advancements are delivering greener products that provide greater control over your Augusta, Georgia, home comfort and improved system efficiency.

Wi-Fi Thermostats Morph into Energy Command Centers

Smart Thermostats equipped with Wi-Fi technology are breaking new ground in reducing energy consumption, limiting maintenance costs and lengthening the lifespan of the system. The Internet-connected energy command center gives you remote access to monitor and adjust temperature settings. When connected to a qualified HVAC system, it can also collect real-time data that sends alerts about energy use and maintenance issues as well as automatically configure and calibrate the unit for peak performance.

These connected controls are available in a range of models, so they can be as simple or high-tech as you wish. The intuitive color touchscreen displays offer everything from programmable temperature and variable speed controls to live weather data. You can even convert your screen into a digital picture frame to feature family photos.

Electronically Clean Indoor Air

Trane has added a revolutionary electronic technology to its lineup that excels at filtering out minuscule pollen, dust, bacteria, pet dander, mildew and other airborne irritants from the conditioned air. Standard air cleaners work because they trap dust in dense filters, but the thick material prevents air from circulating well. This meddles with the efficiency of temperature control and cleaning the air.

By electrically charging particles and then capturing them, the patented CleanEffects Air Cleaner reduces nearly 100 percent of potential asthma and allergy triggers. This surpasses the performance of even the best standard and HEPA filters on the market today. The accessory not only creates a healthier living environment but also ultimately pays for itself by utilizing filters that are vacuumed every three to nine months instead of being replaced monthly. CleanEffects is available on most new Trane units or can quickly be added on to central HVAC systems.

Two-Stage Compressors Provide Zoned Climate Control

Zoned HVAC systems that utilize two-stage compressors allow you to regulate the temperature of your home with precision. This variable speed technology is equipped with configurable settings that direct the system to focus on specific areas of the home so that it is not constantly running at full capacity. New systems equipped with Trane TruComfort technology also automatically adjust speeds to keep up with fluctuating temperature changes.

According to ACHR News, in 2016, variable speed units are being used in up to 65 percent of unitary heat pumps, half of geothermal units and 100 percent of mini splits in some U.S. markets. Two-stage compressors offer an abundance of benefits, including greater humidity and dehumidification control, improved comfort, a much quieter system and improved energy efficiency. By reducing energy use, you will save on monthly utility costs and increase the lifespan of the equipment. This technology also allows for more compact air conditioners and heat pumps, making it a great choice for small spaces and retrofit projects.

Eco-Friendly Tech Reduces Carbon Footprint

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rolls out new regulations for phasing out ozone-depleting substances, the HVAC industry is making huge strides in manufacturing innovative systems that have a smaller carbon footprint. These modern greener systems are replacing R-22 with eco-friendly R-22 alternatives and have a minimum SEER rating of 14 to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Meanwhile, ductless mini-split systems that utilize refrigerant lines are becoming an attractive alternative to forced-air systems because they squeeze into smaller spaces, offer zoned cooling and prevent standard energy losses.

Contact Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning at (706) 426-9262 to discover how the latest Trane products can improve your home comfort and energy efficiency. With more than 40 years history in Augusta, Georgia, our NATE-certified specialists are experts at delivering courteous and knowledgeable HVAC services. Visit our Specials page or the manufacturer website to find out which Trane products are eligible for residential energy tax credits at the federal, state and local levels, including gas furnaces, split system heat pumps, air circulating fans and geothermal systems.

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