Can Duct Cleaning Help You Save Energy?

If you’re looking to clean up your air and lower the energy bill for your Evans, Georgia, home, a duct cleaning may be just the thing. This smart service offers a wealth of benefits, many of which will impact your wallet.

Improving Air Flow

One of the primary benefits of a duct cleaning is the removal of buildup which may be clogging your ducts and making it more difficult for air to pass through. When you clean out the accumulated dust, dirt, and debris in your ductwork, you create a wide-open space where air can flow freely.

Your system won’t have to work as hard to push air through clean ducts. As a result, your energy efficiency should improve, and your utility bills will lower. Clean ducts keep your energy costs as minimal as possible.

Highlighting Areas for Improvement

During the duct cleaning process, our HVAC technicians will have a good view of your ducts, so we can better assess their condition. Leaky ductwork is responsible for air loss of 20 to 30 percent in the average home. If you have major leaks in your ducts, your duct cleaning can help you pinpoint problem areas, so you can seal the ducts properly and recapture that energy.

Keeping Your System Clean

Clean ducts translate to a clean HVAC system. The dust, dirt, and pollutants that were blowing through your ducts likely made it back to your air filter, blower, and other HVAC components. While an annual maintenance visit can help you clean off some of this accumulated grime, cleaning your ducts is a long-term solution that will prevent it from building up at all. A clean, well-maintained system enjoys a longer lifespan, fewer repair needs, and more efficient operation.

If you’re ready to cash in on the benefits of a duct cleaning, contact Doc Savage Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. at 706-426-9262. We’ll help you get your ducts in prime condition for better comfort and increased savings.

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