How a Doc’s Comfort Agreement Can Benefit Your Home

Augusta, GA, homeowners who preserve the health of their HVAC with regular heating and AC maintenance can decrease potential equipment breakdowns by up to 95 percent and increase system performance by up to 40 percent. Doc’s Comfort Agreement includes two HVAC maintenance visits every year along with value-added benefits. Here are five perks you’re sure to enjoy:

1. Priority Service

Air conditioners often break down during a heat wave when they are working their hardest. Meanwhile, local air conditioning contractors are typically swamped with AC repair calls. Doc’s Comfort Agreement entitles you to priority service, so you can be sure that your system will be fixed promptly.

2. Repair Discounts of up to 15 Percent

Unless an AC repair is minor, you’re going to be spending some money. With Doc’s Service Agreement, a 15 percent repair discount will make the cost a bit more manageable.

3. No Overtime or Diagnostic Charges

Being without AC during an Augusta heat wave is so uncomfortable that most homeowners will pay anything to restore indoor comfort. Many local contractors will charge you an overtime fee and a diagnostic charge in addition to parts and labor, but with Doc’s Comfort Agreement, you wont be charged for either one.

4. Free Air Filters

HVAC air filters usually need changing every month, and the cost adds up. With Doc Savage, you’ll get six free filters per system per year.

5. Two-Year Repair Warranty

Our two-year repair warranty covers the cost of HVAC repair if something goes wrong. That gives you peace of mind, especially with an older system.

With Doc’s Service Agreement, you’ll be working with an established and local professional contractor who cares about your comfort. Visit Doc Savage Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about our service agreement or call us directly at (706) 426-9262[tooltip text=”Tooltip Text”].

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