Keep Your Cool With a Trane-Connected Thermostat

Advancements in technology are making it easier to heat and cool your Aiken, South Carolina, home efficiently. When shopping for a smart thermostat, you’ll quickly notice a variety of options. Explore several reasons why you should invest in a smart thermostat and discover how a Trane-connected thermostat can improve your home’s comfort while decreasing your heating and cooling expenses.

Gain Remote Access to Your HVAC System

Installing a smart thermostat to pair with your home’s HVAC system means you’ll be able to access the unit via a mobile device. Whether you’re at work or on your way home, you can use the thermostat’s internet-enabled technology to control the temperature setting in your home. You can set the thermostat to a more moderate temperature while you’re away and lower or increase it to a more comfortable level a few minutes before you get home.

Preset Temperatures to Automatically Adjust Based on Your Schedule

Another advantage of smart thermostats is that they enable you to preset temperatures according to your own preferences. For example, you work five days a week, Monday through Friday. You can set the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature while you’re at work. On Saturday and Sunday, you can preset the thermostat to recognize when you are at home and have the house at a cool and comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit all weekend long. Once you preset these temperature preferences, the smart thermostat will remember them and repeat them week after week until you change the settings.

Save Money on Utility and HVAC Bills

In the past, homeowners were not able to preset temperature preferences or access their HVAC systems remotely with their older thermostats. The smart thermostat brings life to these features and enables homeowners to save money on their utility expenses. By adjusting temperature levels accordingly, HVAC systems can operate efficiently, which extends their longevity. Not only are homeowners reducing their heating and cooling bills, but they are also saving money on HVAC system repair and replacement costs.

Explore the Types of Smart Thermostats Available

Trane smart and WiFi-enabled thermostats offer all of the features listed above. When shopping for a Trane-connected thermostat, you’ll come across several models. The Trane ComfortLink II XL1050 model combines zoning technology with enhanced home automation features, allowing you to access your HVAC system from any mobile device. This feature puts the ability to adjust the temperature inside any room of your home literally at your fingertips.

The Trane ComfortLink II XL950 is much more than a thermostat. This programmable and wireless device serves as an energy command center, allowing you to remotely access your HVAC system, watch live weather, and more.

You can use the icons on the device’s touchscreen to create a heating and cooling schedule that complements you and your family’s lifestyle. This thermostat also provides you with an alert when it’s time to have your HVAC system inspected or repaired as well as notifies you when your HVAC system’s air filters need to be changed. These useful features can enable you to stay on top of your home’s indoor air quality.

With the Trane ComfortLink II XL850, you can easily integrate the thermostat into your entire Trane system to seamlessly combine all components and ensure optimal energy efficiency. Not only does this device measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, but it also alerts you to HVAC system maintenance requirements. To use the Trane ComfortLink II XL850, you’ll need to connect it with Nexia Home Intelligence.

The Trane XL824 comes with a seven-day programmable thermostat that you can remotely access using a mobile device. This thermostat is compatible with almost all heating and cooling systems and provides accurate temperature readings to help optimize energy efficiency. The Trane XL824 is used in conjunction with Nexia Home Intelligence, provides remote access, and serves as one of the most basic options from the Trane smart thermostat product line.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your HVAC system with a new Trane thermostat, contact Doc Savage Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today. Visit our website or call us at 706-426-9262.

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